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跟ChatGPT玩 20q 游戏

Q: can we play the 20q game?
A: Sure, we can play the 20 Questions game! I'll think of an object, and you can try to guess what it is by asking up to 20 yes or no questions. Are you ready to begin?

Q: yes. Is it a man?
A: No, I'm sorry, but the object I am thinking of is not a man. You can ask another question to try to narrow down what the object might be.

Q: is it an object that can be hold with human hands?
A: Yes, the object I am thinking of can be held in the hand. This should give you a better idea of what the object might be, but you still have several questions left to ask if you need them. Can you think of another question to help narrow down the possibilities?

Q: is it an everyday object that has vibrant colors?
A: No, I'm sorry, but the object I am thinking of is not an everyday object with vibrant colors. It may be something more common or everyday, or it may be a different color altogether. You can continue to ask questions if you would like to try to guess what the object is, or you can make a guess now if you think you know.

Q: Is it consumable by humans?
A: No, the object I am thinking of is not something that can be consumed by humans. It is a physical object that can be held and manipulated, but it is not something that can be eaten or drunk. You can continue to ask questions if you would like to try to guess what the object is, or you can make a guess now if you think you know.

Q: Is it a toy for kids?
A: No, I'm sorry, but the object I am thinking of is not a toy for kids. It may be something that is used by kids, or it may be something that is associated with kids in some way, but it is not a toy. You can continue to ask questions if you would like to try to guess what the object is, or you can make a guess now if you think you know.

Q: Is it made of metal or partly made of metal?
A: Yes, the object I am thinking of is made of metal, or at least partly made of metal. This should give you a better idea of what the object might be, but you still have several questions left to ask if you need them. Can you think of another question to help narrow down the possibilities?

Q: is it something you can drive with
A: Yes, the object I am thinking of is something that can be driven. This should give you a better idea of what the object might be, but you still have several questions left to ask if you need them. Can you think of another question to help narrow down the possibilities?

Q: is it a car?
A: Yes, that's correct! The object I was thinking of is a car. Congratulations on guessing the correct answer with only a few questions! Cars are a common form of transportation that are made of metal and can be driven by people. I'm glad you were able to guess the correct answer. Do you want to play again and see if you can guess another object?

然后让 ChatGPT 猜一下雨刮器

Let's play the 20q game and you make the guess
Sure, I'd be happy to play 20 Questions with you! To start the game, think of something in your mind and I'll try to guess what it is by asking you up to 20 yes or no questions. When you're ready, just let me know and I'll start asking my questions.
Let's go

Q: Okay, here's my first question: Is it an animal?
A: no

Q: Is it a plant?
A: no

Q: Is it a physical object that you can see or touch?
A: yes

Q: Is it a tool or instrument that people use?
A: yes

Q: Is it something that is typically found in a kitchen?
A: maybe

Q: Is it a type of appliance or utensil that is used for cooking or food preparation?
A: not really

Q: Hmm, I'm having trouble narrowing down the possibilities. Can you give me a little mo> re information or a hint to help me guess correctly? Remember, I can only ask yes or no questions, so the more information you can provide, the better I'll be able to guess.
A: it has a screen

Q: Ah, I see! Is it a device that is used for entertainment or communication, such as a te> levision, computer, or smartphone?
A: yes

Q: Is it a portable device that can be easily carried and used on the go, such as a la> ptop, tablet, or smartphone?
A: yes

Q: Is it a type of smartphone, such as an iPhone, Android, or Windows phone?
A: yeah

Q: Based on the information you've given me, my best guess is that you are thinking of a sm> artphone. Is that correct?
A: I mean it's a computer!

Q: I see, my apologies for the mistake. In that case, my new guess is that you are th> inking of a laptop computer. Is that correct?
A: yes!

Q: Great, I'm glad I was able to guess correctly! Let's play again sometime if you'd li> ke. Just think of something in your mind and I'll try to guess what it is by asking yes or no questions. Have fun!
A: Let's play again. Ask your question

Q: Sure, I'd be happy to play again! To start the game, think of something in your mind an> d I'll try to guess what it is by asking you up to 20 yes or no questions. When you're ready, just let me know and I'll start asking my questions.
A: Go on

Q: Okay, here's my first question: Is it an animal?
A: no

Q: Is it a plant?
A: no

Q: Is it a physical object that you can see or touch?
A: yes

Q: Is it something that is typically found in a kitchen?
A: no

Q: Is it a tool or instrument that people use?
A: partly yes

Q: Is it something that people use for writing or drawing, such as a pencil, pen, or ma> rker?
A: no

Q: Is it something that people use for personal grooming, such as a brush, comb, or ra> zor?
A: no

Q: Is it something that people use for exercise or physical activity, such as a ball, ju> mp rope, or yoga mat?
A: no

Q: I'm sorry, but I'm having trouble guessing what you are thinking of based on the in> formation you've provided. Can you give me a little more information or a hint to help me guess correctly? Remember, I can only ask yes or no questions, so the more information you can provide, the better I'll be able to guess.
A: it's a device on a car

Q: Ah, I see! Is it a device that is used for navigation, such as a GPS system or map?
A: no

Q: Is it a device that is used for safety or emergency purposes, such as a seat belt, ai> rbag, or fire extinguisher?
A: no

Q: Is it a device that is used for maintaining or repairing a car, such as a jack, wr> ench, or tire gauge?
A: no

Q: Is it a device that is used for entertainment or communication, such as a radio or sp> eaker system?
A: no

Q: Based on the information you've provided, I'm having trouble guessing what you are th> inking of. Can you give me a little more information or a hint to help me guess correctly? Remember, I can only ask yes or no questions, so the more specific you can be, the better I'll be able to guess.
A: It's a device placed outside a car

Q: Ah, I see! Based on the information you've provided, my best guess is that you are th> inking of a car antenna. Is that correct?
A: no

Q: I'm sorry, but I'm still having trouble guessing what you are thinking of based on th> e information you've provided. Can you give me a little more information or a hint to help me guess correctly? Remember, I can only ask yes or no questions, so the more specific you can be, the better I'll be able to guess.
A: It's mostly made of rubber

Q: Ah, I see! Based on the information you've provided, my best guess is that you are th> inking of a car tire. Is that correct?
A: no

Q: I'm sorry, but I'm still having trouble guessing what you are thinking of based on th> e information you've provided. Can you give me a little more information or a hint to help me guess correctly? Remember, I can only ask yes or no questions, so the more specific you can be, the better I'll be able to guess.
A: it's has a long rubber blade

Q: Ah, I see! Based on the information you've provided, my best guess is that you are th> inking of a car windshield wiper. Is that correct?
A: yes!

Q: Great, I'm glad I was able to guess correctly! Let's play again sometime if you'd li> ke. Just think of something in your mind and I'll try to guess what it is by asking yes or no questions. Have fun!




Web Animation实现页面逐渐变灰

在2006年我开始网上留下印记的时候,写了一个 dHTML 特效模拟XP关机对话框变灰, 那个时候大行其道的还是IE6,用的还是微软特有的 filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Fade 叠加两个<div>实现。

今天(2022-11-30)恰好长者去逝,学习一下最新的css姿势再实现一次。本来想用 CSS Animation+Filter实现,还是比较麻烦。比如我参考的例子是模仿 Red Dead Redemption 2 照片效果css

    filter: invert(1.0) grayscale(1.0);
    animation: blur 5s infinite alternate;
  @keyframes blur{
      filter: blur(3px);
      opacity: 0;
      filter: blur(0px);
      opacity: 1;

这个方式有个问题就是需要单独设置一个 <script> 元素。后来经过 @yuanchuan23 的指点发现可以通过 Web Animation 更简单的实现:

    {filter: 'brightness(none) grayscale(0%)'},
    {filter: 'brightness(10) grayscale(10%)', offset: 0.2},
    {filter: 'brightness(1) grayscale(100%)'}
  ], {duration: 2000, fill: 'forwards'})

这样写比 css 方便多了。加一个类似照相机闪光灯过曝的效果。其中 fill: 'forwards' 可以让变灰之后停下来。

放一个 demo 在这里: 点一下可以再变一次



Twitter资助的 Bluesky项目

发现一个有点好玩的东东 ATP(Authenticated Transfer Protocol)协议,是 ActivityPub 的竞品。ATP对应 blusky,AP 对应 Mastodon

其中维护者pfraze谈到为什么要抛开 ActivityPub 单独搞一套协议:

There are a lot of differing design decisions.

Account portability is a major reason why we chose to build a separate protocol. Signed data repositories and DIDs are both unique to ATP and not terribly easy to retrofit into ActivityPub.

There are smaller things as well: a different viewpoint about how schemas should be handled, a preference for domain usernames over AP’s double-@ email usernames, and the goal of having large scale search and discovery (rather than the hashtag style of discovery that AP favors).


The AP community has always been somewhat suspicious of Bluesky, for reasons that are understandable. AP’s community is volunteer driven and the users joined to escape Twitter. So, here we come, a startup funded by Twitter, with strong opinions on how the tech should be done. I’ve heard concerns that we’d “embrace, extend, & extinguish.” I’ve heard concerns that we’d force through changes that people don’t want by dint of being a funded company. You can criticize us for going a different direction but I think it’d have been a difficult collaboration if we chose to use AP, especially since we weren’t willing to compromise on some of the decisions above.

其中ATP 支持直接用域名而不是 Mastodon 的双at 的形式,我觉得非常好!





看到一则 tweet 作者是 @batfree

  • 2022-11-08 糖尿病是因为气候变化导致的,历史上曾经有在1000年内全球气温降了30度。进化导致血液中糖含量变高以抵御寒冷天气。这些人生存下来,但现在成了病。
  • 2022-11-08 囊性纤维化会是种致命的遗传病,但是当年对抗结核病遗传下来的。病被消灭了,遗传就成了病。
  • 2022-11-08 进化是为了保证你活到繁殖期。过了繁殖年龄之后,就自求多福了。





又想起来为啥春秋多义士,我猜是那个年代稍微人丁兴旺的农耕家族,个人的存在意义是很渺小的,除了家族能提供的有限支持,普遍没有社会保障,普通庶出的人,在碌碌无为中意外死亡的情况太多了。所以能成就一点「义」其实很划得来。相比「秦」制之下,每个人的发展被固定到了国家机器的轨道上,整个人生就被二向化:要么立军功,要么被隔壁老王立军功来束缚你。这个制度刚性到什么程度,连战神白起晚年被贬为普通士卒发配到甘肃,居然不用担心他任何反叛的可能性。后世那种什么节度使拥军自重的 bug 压根不存在。

扯远了。之前也想过生命的意义这些问题,但是没想过的是这个意义完成之后会发生什么?现代人普遍活到 70+ 的寿命,其实不是一个历史常见的现象。这是工业革命带来的农药化肥+青霉素作为保障,商业社会带来海量的以和平为主的个体发展机遇,






看到个骚操作,玩了一下,写了个 bookmarklet

  const mr=new MediaRecorder(stream,{mimeType:"video/webm;codecs=h264,opus"});
    const a=document.createElement('a');a.href=URL.createObjectURL(; ='screen_capture.webm';;
  }; // will be called when .stop() with as a Blob


如果不需要另存为一个名字,则可以直接 location.assign() 又节约几个字。不知道还有没有办法继续节约代码量?

有点很好奇为啥chrome不支持 .mp4 封装。偏袒自家的 webm ?




During the first half of the twentieth century, Soviet citrologists grew (sub)tropical plants in temperatures as low as minus 30 degrees Celsius – outdoors, and without the use of glass or any fossil fuel-powered assistance.
"渐进式抗冻" “Progressive cold-hardening”
进口的柑橘品种只在黑海沿岸几个孤立的地方存活,那里的小气候特别有利。为了使柑橘类水果更好地适应寒冷,苏联的柑橘学家采用了一种叫做 "渐进式抗冻"的方法。这使他们能够创造出适应当地生态条件的新品种,这种栽培策略最初是为杏树和葡萄开发的。
Imported citrus varieties only survived in a few isolated points along the Black Sea coast, which enjoyed a particularly favourable microclimate. To better prepare citrus fruits for cold, Soviet citrologists followed a method called “progressive cold-hardening”. It allowed them to create new varieties which were adapted to local ecological conditions, a cultivation strategy which had originally been developed for apricot trees and grapes.
该方法包括将珍贵的树木种子种植在其原始位置的更北边,然后等待它结出种子。然后将这些种子再向北种植,并反复重复这一过程,缓慢但稳定地将柑橘品种推向不太适宜的气候。利用这种方法,Rostov-on-Don(北纬47°N的一座城市,挨着亚速海)的杏树最终可以在北方650公里以外的Michurinsk(北纬52°N)种植,他们在那里开发了适应当地气候的杏树种子。另一方面,直接将Rostov 杏树的种子种植在Michurinsk证明是不成功的。
The method consists of planting a seed of a highly valued tree a bit further north of its original location, and then waiting for it to give seeds. Those seeds are then planted a bit further north, and with the process repeated further, slowly but steadily pushing the citrus variety towards less hospitable climates. Using this method, apricot trees from Rostov could eventually be grown in Mitchurinsk, 650 km further up north, where they developed apricot seeds that were adapted to the local climate. On the other hand, directly planting the seed of the Rostov apricot tree in Mitchurinsk proved unsuccessful.


~~这故事唯一的毛病就是 Rostov 和 Michurinsk 这城市的位置似乎弄反了?反正纬度没太对劲。。。~~

更新:原来是 Rostov-on-Don,不是 Rostov(北纬57°N的一座城市,莫斯科以北202km涅罗湖岸边)







Bride price Guide for Fellow Sisters 教姐妹们如何要彩礼 英文版

今天在看到有人发了个《男性觉醒知识库》觉得太荒唐了。然后就看到评论区有人贴了个《教姐妹们如何要彩礼》更无语。。出处未知,作者未知。请选择性食用。本文使用 DeepL 翻译,有小修订。

Disclaimer: This is a DeepL translated feminist piece with minor modifications, the origin & authenticity is unknown, I stand neutral to this article

Bride price Guide for Fellow Sisters 教姐妹们如何要彩礼

The proletarian mentor Friedrich Engels said in Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State:

Pairing family, also known as monogamous marriage, originates from private ownership. It is characterized by the male subjugation of the female in gender relations, the disappearance of the female from public life and her forced return to the family, as well as by the denial of sexual freedom.

Feminist theory holds that "marriage is essentially a form of male exploitation of women, an oppression of the powerful by the vulnerable." Combined with our extensive practice in real life, it is easy to see that many women are deprived of their birth rights, education rights, employment rights, etc. for various reasons. But those with vested interests are never satisfied and are further infringing on the rights of their sisters. Since there is too much content, I will not expand here, but only briefly discuss how sisters can protect their rights in marriage.

When sisters get married, they always encounter confusion: How do you want the bride price? How can I make my husband's family pay attention to it and not be a sufferer in the past? How to buy gold jewelry? How to get added to the ownership of the house, etc. all kinds of problems plagued the sisters to be married, today the author through this article one-stop solution to the sisters on the wedding trouble.


  • bride price 彩礼
  • mama's boy 妈宝男
  • ugly duckling 凤凰男

I. Choosing a partner

Marriage is a big deal, is the second birth of our women, so how to choose a reliable marriage object is the key to the key.

On the marriage, especially marriage to remote places, I have heard a very apt phrase: "If the male makes you mad at noon, and your father's can't slap him in the face overnight, then you have married too far." Sisters can tend to this principle when choosing a marriage partner.

The following details about how to choose a marriage partner.

(A) the classification of men

Contemporary Chinese men are generally of worst quality. Lazy, shy, greasy, obscene, no taste of life, no aesthetics, no formality, and even w many are Mama's Boy. Therefore, sisters must be extra cautious when looking for a marriage partner, you may want to date several at the same time, the best of the best, after all, in nature only the strongest males are qualified to mate and reproduce. The most important thing is to find a quality genetic provider for your children, even for the sake of the next generation. In this case, I will divide men into three categories: Quality Male, Ugly Duckling and Ordinary Men.

  • Quality Male: refers to the height of 180cm-185cm, business parents or working in the government plus physically healthy and with a good pension; at least two loan-free property registered in Tier-I cities (Beijing, Shanghai, GuangZhou, Shenzhen), liquidity of no less than 3 million RMB, annual income not less than 50,000 RMB, a master's degree or above men.

  • Ugly Duckling: a man who meets any four of the requirements for a "Quality Male".

  • Ordinary Men: a man who meets any two of the requirements of a "Quality Male".

  • Creatures: Not recommended. Don't bother to contact anyone below the standard of the Ordinary Men

(B) Mate Selection Strategy

THe Quality Male are one-in-a-million chance. Grab it while you can and never let go. If you are losing it, get pregnant and make him a daddy. The sooner you gets this the better, the winner takes all.

For Ugly Ducklings, dating two or more at the same time, choice the best. Prioritize a handsome tall one, after all, the good looking bores your less in future days.

For Ordinary Men, you can consider use a "spare tire", "male BFF" strategy, just in case you meet a Ugly Duckling or a Quality Male is a jerk, then at least a guaranteed option, this type of man is best limited at 3-5, too many too busy. Give them an above-friendship but not-yet-lovers state, do not let them easily get you.

Pay special attention: Be wary of Mama's Boy! Be wary of Mama's Boy! Be wary of Mama's Boy!. Because Mama's Boy's money = his mom's money ≠ your money, if you meet Mama's Boy, even if he is Quality Male, don't engage. In order to identify Mama's Boy, trust your sixth sense, when you assume a man is a Mama's Boy, then he must be.

II. Marriage Preparation

(A) Tame men

Warning: the following strategies do not apply to Quality Male, Quality Male are OK as long as they are not Mama's Boy, not alcoholic, no gambling, no domestic violence, no prostitution, everything else is acceptable.

Please sisters remember the phrase: "Never marry a man who do not kneel down to wash the feet". In the dating stage, no matter what our own character is, we have to make a cool and poker face. This will give the man to form a psychological expectation that he needs to pay desperately more to cater to your approval. But you can not be too cool, give back little sweetness to warm his confidence, make him feel that you are unreachable, to maintain a status of near-approchable.

Tactic one: for example, he invited you to dinner, buy him a milk tea in return; he invited you to an amusement park or bar, you can send him a keychain, plush toys and other small gifts.

Second tactic: deliberately throw some tantrum but not too excessive, make him argue, and then you pretend to be angry, blacklist his contact, wait for him to apologize & ask forgiveness

Third tactic: occasionally care about his parents, let him think you tender and considerate, and then take him to see your parents (he can not go empty-handed), giving him a feeling that you have taken him as family.

In conclusion: men are a very naive creature, they are easily touched by your small guestures, to imaging you are the true love. So you have to learn to play small to game big, giving a little to increase the man to your niceness. Taming men should be like taming dogs, to be rigid and soft, only then they can be controlled to the direction you want. But remember not to over doing it, that will swing men away, unless you really wanted to, or want to force him to do something silly. Don't believe the honesty, too much pressure will only make the crack. Of course, you can not be too soft, then you will lose.

(B) Manipulate the man

After you have tamed the man, basically the man has been obedient to you. This is the time you have to decisively seize his salary card, bank card, the reason is afraid that he would waste money, you have to plan for the future life. This time the man will feel that you are right, and will think that you are really thinking about your future.

After the economy grab, you'd gave him some weekly allowances. Give more if you are happy, less if not. But do not spent all the money as this belongs to the premarital property, you are at most considered the keeper. Refrain to spend after marriage.

You can take the money to invest at funds or something, he will be too shy to ask for the profits, instead he will praise your housekeeping skills.

Tighten the economic control gradually, and crack down his private savings. For example, if for three months in a row you give him 1000 yuan pocket money he does not complain, he even gifts you sometimes, then it is recommended to drop to 800 yuan in the begining of the fourth month. Maintain a level just enough for his spendings. After all, the more he spends, the less you get.

If he questions this behavior, you will show him the financial gains to shut him up, if necessary, you can send friends or friends in common to pressure him, of course, do not forget to let your BFF to play: "My boyfriend only need 500 yuan a month pocket money, you got 800 that's really quite a lot."

After mastering the man's economic lifeline, you have to occasionally spend your money, note that it is your money not his, buy his parents some gifts. This generation of men's parents are very easy to handle, they are still very simple-minded, or the kind of "male dominant business female dominant family" or "a good daughter-in-law to prosper three generations" of mental. Give them an image of you as a "good daughter-in-law" and let them put pressure the man so you can get married soon.

III. Marriage Negotiations

Once you start preparing for marriage, then you will inevitably avoid talking about the bride price, dowry and other issues. Because of your previous operation to please his parents, at this time, just ask for the bride price. The groom's parents will be generous, they are in a hurry for the wedding.

First of all, the gold, in some places "five golds" are needed to get married, some places for "three golds", but no matter what, the advice is don't over do it. Because this thing is not worn every day, and will lose value if sold, it is too much of a loss, a better alternativeis focusing on bride price and property.

The amount of bride price varies, in principle, not less than 200,000 RMB. Real-estate co-ownership is naturally required, we will skip the details, but here we talk about the dialog tactics whenever applicable:

1. The Attitude Card

The fact is the amount of bride price doesn't matter, it's an attitude issue, it shows the importance out of the groom's mind. In case of bargining from the groom, bring out your BFF, pretend that she asked for X amount of bride price, gave birth to two sons to the groom's family, and is now living happily. Just make it up because they won't look it up.

Note: If your groom is taking it serisoly, say that if you want the attitude, you'd rather donate the money to charity in your name, so that you can prove the itention, it would be meaningful. If he still doesn't want to give the bride price, staying away from such a stingy brain bad man is recommended

2. The Tradition Card

You insist on claiming that the bride price is just a custom in your hometown, your whole family is very traditional, so if you don't want it, your parents will lose face. And where you from the price is not negotiable. This method can be used in combination with the "attitude card" for better yields. Finally, it boils down to the question: "Do you really love me?" The "Are you trying to fake a marriage on me?" is a soul-crushing question.

Note: If you are "open" in your private life, have richer dating experiences, with more sex experience, not that conservative, then don't use this method. For example, you often state something like "Does it matter to be a virgin? How is it a woman's duty to give birth to a child and take care of the household? The Qing Dynasty is long gone!" and such. Then give him the "tradition matters, it's always this way", then possibly the groom will clear his head take the high ground.

3. Compensation card

You insist that giving birth is for the man, the bride price is the compensation for the woman's suffering in childbirth, after all, pregnancy will seriously affect your career, you had the opportunity to become a multi-millionaire or even billionaire. Because of the child, a mother will have to settle for a monthly salary of 3,000 RMB. At the same time, your body is greatly affected by the birth of a child, there are postpartum conditions, so you must ask for compensation.

Note: To examine the IQ of a man, use this method selectively. Some men will be thankful for your dedication after hearing you say that having a child is not easy. Some other will have huge empathy for his mom and convert to Mama's Boy and be grateful and obedient to his mom. The worst case he will think: since you say the baby is for me, then we do not even need a marriage, you give me the baby, I give you the money and we are clear? Or he will discuss the price of surrogacy with you and think that we should replace the mother and keep the child. Sisters, believe me, such a man must not be married. If you marry, your day of divorce is counted.

Remember, if you divorce a man, you must claim custody of the child, because it is your child, and with the child you can ask him for alimony and succession rights!

4. Value card

This type of method is applicable to sisters who are outstanding in appearance and assets. "I'm so good, I'm not worth this much bride price?" "Do I really care that you have this little money?" You should express your disdain for this bride price with an attitude of deep apathy, as well as the posture of "marry me of fuck off". But do not forget, after the marriage your money is yours, his money are also yours, soft hearted to men means hard hearted to oneself. Li Xueqin also said: "Women should pity themselves, pity men brings bad luck for life." So never let easy on the male.

Note: If the other side is more blunt , such method is likely to fail.

5. The Binding card

This method is suitable for sisters who have been dating men for a long time. "I have been with you for so long, my youth is not worth this money?" "Do you love me or do you love money?" "You really love me or this money is all you can provide?" Bind the bride price to your time, youth, & heart, force the groom to obey. Men are very reflective creatures, they will always introspect their own problem, like am I a miser?, so when you use this method along with cold violence, such as crying while staring at him, do not speak, call his parents to tell them you might never be able to call them parents-in-law again, or directly tell him the wedding is canceled. Don't be afraid to use your feelings to blackmail him, because he can't find anyone better than you and your previous good moments together. The people around him would usually persuade over and over, and most likely his parents will start scolding him.

Note: Pay attention to cultivate his ability to introspect at soon as possible, do not let him to punder "my own youth is not worthy?" "Do I gave less than you?". This method is suitable for men who have been tamed for a long time.

6. The "Assurance" method

When the groom thinks the bride price is too high, you have to reason with him: "I don't need the bride price either, but I want some assurance", "I can't take care of my parents if I marry you, so I have to leave some money for my parents." "I'm very insecure, I'm afraid of being hurt in marriage, I just want a guarantee." "My family raised me for so many years, paid for my education, so what's wrong with asking for a dowry?" No matter what happens later, get the bride price first. After that, you can then talk about gender equality, even the one child must have to bear the responsibility of parental care. Men always admit this in general.

Note: If you have a well-off family background, this method would be a bit funny, it is recommended sisters married far away or sub-par family conditions use it wisely.

7. The Double Act

Double act method basically means good cop bad cop. Don't ask for anything, just prepare for marriage, Let your parents be the bad cop, ask the terms, use the first 6 methods, negotiate with the groom. When pressure amounts you just be the good cop to pull back a little. This is the best strategy, avoid direct conflict between you and the groom's family, on the other hand, can also make the man take your favor, you can speak up.

The most important thing to note: some men will think twice, they think that marriage is a matter of two families, you are just pretending to be innocent. So it's a good idea to always keep the image of a baby girl, with no calculating behind, the "baby doll" type of sister.

Please combine the tactics above when negotiating about the bride price for better effects. Some people may feel that the above methods are schemes, then I have to tell you, as the famous criminal psychology expert Professor Li Meijin once said: "The biggest payoff for women is pregnancy, and their womb is another kind of property. And then there is breastfeeding, the most precious food product from a mother. So in return, men must provide household, financial support to raise the family, this is the natural way, break this contract, there will be consequences......".

III. The wedding

There is nothing special about the wedding, just arrange it in your way, the man pays the bill. Remember that during the wedding day you must not test the man too much, or he will be too embarrassed. Although he paid the bride price, but his heart will be somewhat uncomfortable. Men are all about face, so they trade money for face, you just use swap his face for money.

Let him arrange the red envelope in advance, all in proper place, reception of bride's family should be slightly challenged, do not screw up the rest of wedding.

IV. The married life and divorce

As already said in the previous article, marriage is the second birth of women, we may not be born into a good family at the beginning, but can live a good life through a good marriage. A friend of the author once said to me that marriage itself is a transaction. We women can compromise certain false things in marriage, such as the last name, family, paternal rights and so on for exchanging true values. This matter weights less if you think about it less, so I suggest that the sisters do not care the surname, it's you gaving birth to your children, how can it not be yours? But these stuff can be used as a bargaining chip, do not let the husband get too easily.

According to China's judicial practice, generally speaking, divorce a year after marriage, the bride price is awarded 100% to the woman as joint property after the marriage or as a gift arising from the marriage. The dowry is characterized as the woman's pre-marital property. Therefore, even if you are not satisfied with your husband, you'd better stay on for more than one year.

According to our judicial practice, even if a woman cheats in marriage and has a child that is not her husband's own, the child is still to be raised by the man as a legitimate child.

Again according to our judicial practice, even if the man bought the house before marriage, under his full payment, but once added your co-ownership, then you are able to divide a certain percentage.

Still according to China's judicial practice, in certain areas, "cheating while married, the agreed property goes to the party with no fault" prenuptial agreement is recognized by the court.

So I suggest that sisters on a date must study the marriage law, consult a lawyer, sign a good prenuptial agreement. Whether the other party will cheat, best to believe that men are unable to withstand temptation. Without going into too much detail, there are many tactics, in order to the harmony of the family I can only stop here.

When divorce must pay attention to emphasize that the husband practice domestic violence, alcoholic, gambling and other vices. In daily life to pay attention to keep the evidence, make small problems big, and then force him to apologize, let him sign a desist letter. Don't underestimate these warranties, they are recognized by the court in case of a divorce.

In the case of domestic violence, it is important to remember that even if you havn't been abused, you should always take pictures of your casual injuries for other reasons as evidence of domestic violence. It is the other party's business to clarify and the lawyer's business to argue, so you are responsible for providing all kinds of evidence there can be.

The most important point is that you should try to find a female judge for your divorce case! Because only women judges will help women, only girls will help girls!

V. Conclusion

To believe in the state, believe in the law. The state can't wait for every man to get married, because men without a family is on the loose and destablize the society. Sisters must have confidence, don't be afraid of trouble, whether it is microblogging, socialnetworks, the court or the husband's work place, as long as you dare to fight, in most cases the other party will compromise.

Sisters, you must believe in your own power, protect yourself, and be an independent woman and excel. Cheers



Manu 被 TWTR 开了

If a company has someone who is literally paid to minimize liabilities, painting a big red "liability" sign on your back in front of them is not a good idea.

The corporate game is all about pretending to trust each other, while looking for multiple backstabbing opportunities at the same time.


Org Charts

出自HN。上面这幅漫画的作者 Manu 就是刚刚被Twitter开除的那个。Manu这个人比较有意思,除了很多技术经历之外,还有个中文网站 看破红尘。还写了本中文书《漫画诺贝尔》。

关于corporate politics,还学到一个词,stack ranking。这玩意说得好听就是绩效排名,实际上它主要需要解决奖励发放问题,也就是分配问题。我觉得本质就是个排资论辈?简称——孝。。。。。。




玩 WebRTC 的时候发现它居然内置支持了 DTMF 拨号音

这里就简单科普一下,DTMF 就是手机电话拨号音,数字按键按下去嘟嘟嘟响那个。具体就2个频率调谐:

DTMF 1209Hz 1336Hz 1477Hz 1633Hz
697Hz 1 2 3 A
770Hz 4 5 6 B
852Hz 7 8 9 C
941Hz * 0 # D

于是兴趣来了想做一个 demo 玩玩,写了半天调试不通,报错

VM987:1 Uncaught DOMException: Failed to execute 'insertDTMF' on 'RTCDTMFSender': The 'canInsertDTMF' attribute is false: this sender cannot send DTMF.

仔细研究了下这玩意,原来 WebRTC 不直接传音频,而是发一个控制信号,由接收方播放出音频,所以你需要本地创建一个真实的双工 RTC 并打开麦克风权限,才能播放DTMF音频。

WebRTC doesn't send DTMF codes as audio data. Instead, they're sent out-of-band, as RTP payloads. Note, however, that although it's possible to send DTMF using WebRTC, there is currently no way to detect or receive incoming DTMF. WebRTC currently ignores these payloads;

这样就走远了。于是又手痒用 AudioContext() 糊了一个。一共不到1000字节。 源码

嗯。就挺简单的。特别是那个 oscillator有个 .stop(0.2) 参数可以避免 setTimeout 的麻烦。网上很多教程整复杂了。

btw 把一些老脚本挂在 lab 域名下。
btw2 把 RSS 改成全文输出了。




凌晨4点居然失眠了,妈蛋,于是就捡起来昨天看到的 quanta 杂志文章继续读,发现一个有意思的问题,我们知道

  1. 光子是以光速飞行的,它没有静止质量
  2. 正、反电子是有正质量的,只能以亚光速飞行
  3. 有的时候正反电子会合体成一个光子


  • (A) 超光速掉落
  • (B) 光速掉落
  • (C) 亚光速掉落
  • (D) 虚数光速掉落
  • (E) 哐当一声


我也看得个半懂,但是文章写得太tm 好了。强烈推荐阅读。因为最近 Nature 有人搞了个大新闻,说他们跑了个机器学习模型分析最近50年的粒子对撞机数据,发现质子里「有的时候」包含一个比质子重的 charm quark。

还学到一个奇妙的比喻,教科书的说法是,质子由 2x up quark 和 1x down quark 构成。这是个巨大的骗术。真实的情况是,质子就是个垃圾堆,里面有成千上万亿的稀奇破玩意。大概可以分成3类,一大堆 antiquark,一大堆 quark 和 一大堆 胶水。只是恰好 up quarkup antiquark2 个,down quarkdown antiquark1 个,外加一大堆胶水(gluon) 和 quark-antiquark pair ,挤在一个 非常小的区域内,以接近光速的速度飞来飞去。







很多人知道老毛的「第三世界」理论,这也是为数不多的由中国人完全贡献通行欧美的顶流政治概念。但是很少有人知道20世纪顶级哲学家 波普 Karl Popper 有另外一套「三个世界」理论。这三个世界分别是:

  1. 真实的物质世界
  2. 人的个性 (character)
  3. 人的思想 (idea)


人的思想又称理性,是通过推理和因果构成的神性世界;人的个性是由情绪、脾气和兽性驱动的喜怒哀乐感性世界。很多人会把这两者混淆成一回事,但是从根本上来说是错误的。人的个性我理解大多是先天遗传(nature)决定的,人的理性是人作为 homo sapien 的独门绝技,是把镜像神经元发挥到极致的后天(nurture)集大成机制。


  1. 首先要了解自己,独善其身
  2. 其次要以己度人(pun intended),考虑对方感受和社会整体,毕竟人类是群居动物,由社会定义的存在
  3. 最后要把思考成果应用到行动上,否则都是瞎jb空谈,其实这玩意也讲究方法论


其实我想说的是,波普恐怕还漏了第四个世界,这个世界是基于 idea 上的虚拟机,这个虚拟机可以去模拟和推演他人的行为、个性和思维的世界,这也是中国人最擅长的,算计他人。






  • (A) 网上乱发言
  • (B) 偷东西
  • (C) 诈骗
  • (D) 开车出事
  • (E) 打架、杀人、伤人
  • (F) 帮别人修理电脑或者网络
  • (G) 贿赂
正确答案: (D) (B) (G) 帮助信息网络犯罪活动罪(以下简称帮信罪)是2015年11月起施行的刑法修正案(九)新增罪名,主要指行为人明知他人利用信息网络实施犯罪,为其犯罪提供互联网接入、服务器托管、网络存储、通信传输等技术支持,或者提供广告推广、支付结算等帮助的犯罪行为,是电信网络犯罪的重要“帮凶”。2019年11月,最高检联合最高法制定出台《关于办理非法利用信息网络、帮助信息网络犯罪活动等刑事案件适用法律若干问题的解释》,明确了帮信罪定罪量刑标准和有关司法认定问题。近年来,特别是2020年10月“断卡”行动以来,检察机关起诉涉嫌帮信犯罪案件上涨较快,目前已成为各类刑事犯罪中起诉人数排名第3的罪名(前两位分别是危险驾驶罪、盗窃罪)。


  1. 如果你是 IT 从业人员,那么明知故犯罪加一等
  2. 小爬没事,把别人服务器爬出500错误了就麻烦了。需要登录或者有反爬最好不要去碰
  3. 公开数据理论上没事。不遵守 robots.txt 也无所谓



乌克兰的 Starlink 究竟是美帝还是 Elon Musk 出的钱?

事情起因:Elon Musk 闲的蛋痛发起了一个关于俄乌战争如何和平的投票

乌克兰前外交官回了一句 Fuck off

Elon Musk 就说给乌克兰的 starlink 已经烧了 $80 million,不再免费了。拜拜。

有人说,Starlink 其实是美帝联邦政府(USAID,U.S. Agency for International Development)出的钱。


  • 3,670 donated by SpaceX
  • 1,330 purchased (by USAID)

让我感到意外的是 Twitter Birdwatch。很准确的给出了上下文和关键结论,还第一次见。想加入 birdwatch 的话,需要绑美国手机号码。算了。但是这个形式还是很不错的。想知道它的摘要算法是NLP自动的还是人肉 outline 的



关于 刘备 的4个问题。看看你能猜对多少?


昨天刚看了 硬核|| 被《三国演义》粉饰了的老刘入川 ,受评论区启发,写几道题,各位可以盲猜下。问题都出自:三国志·蜀书·先主传

  1. 在中国东汉末年三国时期的 刘备(创立蜀汉帝国的汉昭烈帝) 的兄长是:
  • (A): 公孙瓒
  • (B): 关羽
  • (C): 张飞
  • (D): 卢植
  • (E): 袁绍
  • (F): 何进
正确答案: (A)。年十五,母使行学,与同宗刘德然、辽西公孙瓒俱事故九江太守同郡卢植。…… 而瓒深与先主相友。瓒年长,先主以兄事之。
  1. 刘备在15岁左右最大的爱好是?(多选),最不喜欢做的是?
  • (A): 同性交♂友
  • (B): 美食
  • (C): KTV
  • (D): 开车(ju)
  • (E): 穿潮牌衣服
  • (F): 读书
  • (G): 军事和键政
正确答案: 喜欢:(D) (C) (E) (A);不喜欢:(F) 先主不甚乐读书,喜狗马、音乐、美衣服……好交结豪侠
  1. 汉灵帝末年,黄巾军起义,刘备参军,通过什么方式获得了第一次军功?
  • (A): 高超的战术和计谋
  • (B): 躺平装死
  • (C): 自己和兄弟的勇猛冲锋
  • (D): 收买敌人
  • (E): 军力,装备和军事武器器械
  • (F): 物资多,耗死对方
正确答案: (B) 典略曰:平原刘子平……遣(刘备)从事将兵讨纯……遇贼于野,备中创阳死,贼去后,故人以车载之,得免。后以军功,为中山安喜尉。
  1. 刘备临死之前托孤给丞相诸葛亮,诏书中跟他儿子(刘禅)总结了他这辈子的缺点是:
  • (A): 军事指挥能力不足
  • (B): 人才梯队建设欠缺
  • (C): 时机和背景机遇弱
  • (D): 人品道德问题
  • (E): 战略或执行错误
正确答案: (D)。先主病笃,托孤于丞相亮,尚书令李严为副。夏四月癸巳,先主殂于永安宫,时年六十三。诸葛亮集载先主遗诏勑后主曰:“……勿以恶小而为之,勿以善小而不为。惟贤惟德,能服于人。汝父德薄,勿效之。……”



Cloudflare worker 返回浏览器ip:端口

看到个贴 返回客户端连接用的 IP 和端口号,想起来也需要熟悉一下 Cloudflare worker,于是拿来练练手

  export default {
    async fetch(request, env) {
      return await handleRequest(request).catch(
        (err) => new Response(err.stack, { status: 500 })

  async function handleRequest(request) {
    const { pathname } = new URL(request.url);

    if (pathname === "/ip") {
      const ip = request.headers.get('CF-Connecting-IP');
      return new Response(ip + '\n');

    if (pathname === "/ip:port") {
      const ip = request.headers.get('CF-Connecting-IP');
      const port = request.headers.get('est-Connecting-Port') || '?'
      return new Response(ip + ':' + port + '\n');

    return new Response('Tools:\n /ip\n/ip:port\n');

遇到一个问题,Cloudflare 官方有提供浏览器客户端IP变量 CF-Connecting-IP 但是缺少端口,查了下可以自己通过 cf.edge.client_port 这个变量获得, 方法是在进入 CF网站管理 面板 → Rules → Transform Rules → HTTP Request Header Modification 里添加一条请求头规则。如图:

但是 header 不能以 CF- 开头,所以这里改成 est-Connecting-Port,就能获得客户端请求的 IP+端口 了

测试地址: t.本网站根域名/ip:port

目前还缺:IPv6 的正确表示。。。。




看到个贴 ,也算有一些感触吧,在博客记录一下现在的想法。



电子阳痿怎么说呢,从某些程度来说,选择电子娱乐在当年是一种世外桃源的感觉。以前的娱乐无非是 ktv ,武侠小说,吃喝嫖赌这些。能玩电子游戏,首先家里得有个 386/486/586,那个年代能花几万搞一个电脑还是得很有魄力的。最不济也得是个书香门第。敢玩游戏的,比如你内存不足了得会改中断和加扩展内存啊。

游戏往往跟别的娱乐简直不是一个级别的比较。比如当年比较简单的游戏形式为 Multi-User Dungeons (MUD) ,想起最近我在看互动教娃之类的感触,我了解到美国有一个做了十多年的 inquiry-based learning 叫 AoPS ,我被这种教学方式震撼了。因为我自己有娃才知道这样做有多难,这种方式是首先老师得在某个学科、领域有「完备」的知识储备,然后娃从一个 problem 开始提问,你跟他讲解需要理解的解决方法,需要储备的基础知识,解决这一个问题之后,需要把得到的经验总结然后形式化,然后提出更多的问题,进而学习到所有数学知识。要通过软件做到这一点,就需要对知识树进行建模然后做一个有向无环的遍历。然后找着找着发现一些写小说的工具就有这样的功能,你先整理一个时间观和人物关系大纲,然后每个章节就是这些联系的具体实现和阐述。突然我意识到,这 TM 不就是几十年前互动文本 RPG 游戏的核心原理么。你需要创建很多 NPC 对话的上下文并且穷举所有的选项组合,这不就等效于整理某个学科知识来做一个教学系统么。再比如,游戏里创建3D场景,如今被ILM从《The Mandalorian》开始引入好莱坞,无绿幕拍摄已经快称为行业基操。所以当时玩的不是游戏,而是玩的是计算机图形学和美学的最前沿成就。

记得我小时候,玩电子游戏还约等于玩小霸王。这玩意在当年被美名其曰「学习机」,但实际上买回来都被拿来玩FC红白机了。这事其实在国外也发生过,无数高手都是通过折腾 Commodore 64 无师自通了 6502 汇编。这又让我想起了文曲星,很多人走向码农就是因为初高中被一个能写 BASIC 代码的电子辞典给迷上了。能在这些设备玩上游戏,那只是无数对技术钻研的汗水、执着和努力的一项亮眼的成果而已。


所以归根结底为啥电子阳痿呢,游戏已经被太多的人玩滥了。它没有与众不同的属性,它不 cool,它除了赢得一局带来的短暂成就感,并不能带来「与众不同」的持续归属感。商业的力量让电子游戏称为一个能挣钱的行业,但商业也让电子游戏从上古时期的 玩游戏-拆游戏-再发明游戏 的双向过程,变成了充值消费就能变强的单向过程,让人在赢得了对手或者 AI 之后变得无比的寂寞,这一种空虚的贤者时间让人觉得我 TM 为啥电子阳痿了;


所以什么样的游戏才不会阳痿呢?我细数了一下我自己还经常玩的,类似 Civ,Rimworld,Mount n' Blade 这种,简单机制但是有无穷组合可能性的;GTA、少女卷轴这种开放世界的;Valheim,Minecraft 这种能造独一无二的东西装逼的。它们的共同特点就是缓解或者解决了我上面提到的种种问题。



开源 和 Meritocracy

前几天跟人闲聊到国际纠纷和就业形势,聊到各行各业疲惫,然后转进到为啥互联网和软件行业比较和国际接轨。大家基本意见都是开源运动和 Open-source Software 在这里面功不可没。毕竟Linux没来之前 WPS 就被 MS Office 干了下去,民族软件面对几亿美刀研发费用的商业软件研发集团究竟是独木难支。


当然,有人马上会说,国内大神会跟上进度的。比如国家可以安排一系列课题让一堆博士维护开源项目。的确,中国人和中国公司参与了很多open source project,国内也有 工信部支持的gitee 和 极狐Gitlab,资金方面也有 木兰协议开放原子基金会(民政部注册),有人说如果都到了撕破脸禁用开源软件了,那么就真脱钩了,也不用管那么多直接拿来用就是了。

甚至有人说,其实开源都留了后手,比如Facebook 的 React,协议里也埋坑说,有权禁止竞争对手使用,最终解释权归他们。其实说起 Facebook(现称meta),最新的消息是:

他知道带有专利条款的许可迟早会在开源社区引爆负面讨论,他跟法务部门负责开源项目许可的律师沟通,但对方就是坚持为了保护公司利益必须要这样做。等到开源社区开始重视这件事情的时候,他找基础架构部门的副总裁也就是他顶上的大老板寻求帮助,结果副总裁跟双方开了个会之后选择站在律师那边,「你看人家律师的专业建议是这样子,你就照着做吧」。过了几个月,这个律师离职了,法务部门指派了另一个律师负责这件事情。前端平台部门的总监又跑去跟新的律师说要换 MIT 协议,结果新的律师完全没有尝试拒绝,「你们爱换就换吧,我觉得没问题」。然后就变成 MIT 协议了……

回到开源本身这个话题,假设一个场景,如果在某个时刻,比如Chromium V20的时候,国内不能继续跟进最新版本,假设需要独立改进,需要花多少力气才能把H.264、CSS3、H5、WebRTC 等等一大堆新玩意补齐?如果你只能拿到 2.6 的 Kernel 代码,那么你如何才能魔改出来一个 5.10 的内核?

就算天降猛人,把这个事儿做到了,但是如果天降了3个猛人,小米搞了一套,华为搞了另一套,Oppo 搞了第三套,相互不兼容,又怎么办?比如苏联也有自己的一套完整的基于电子管的软硬件系统一样。

国内独立搞出来的项目,其实也有,比如 统一推送联盟

huxiuzhihu 的键盘分析师的观点来看,凉凉。。。甚至连官网都没了

再比如,腾讯自己搞一套小程序,阿里也搞一套,各个银行都有自己小程序,各个安卓ROM厂家也搞了个「快应用」,再比如广电花了48+20亿搞了地面波 DTMB+CMMB,其中就有一项对口 MPEG-4 的AVS1 视频编码格式,如果每个手机厂家相机app拍摄出来的格式互不兼容,快手抖音的视频上传和CDN转码会不会搞得巨复杂?

其实开源项目世界里,各个 contributor 各怀鬼胎把项目往不同的方向上拉扯,国外的例子也很多,比如最近 CMGS 写的《How k8s Fucked


这个是个很主观的东西,Firefox 也开源,比 Google 更标准,但是就是玩不过 Chromium。Linux为啥就能比BSD更流行?pg各方面都更先进,但是MySQL占有率就是更高。这里面的确有各种机缘巧合,以及金钱的因素,但是社区氛围和恰当的目标才是最重要的。个人觉得,如果国内独立做开源,问题可能不在于技术,而是朝一个方向齐心协力推动的氛围。

这个推演结论,突然让我想起了之前看到 的一篇雄文:A belief in meritocracy is not only false: it’s bad for you

英语单词 meritocracy 字面上看它好像是「美德主义」,经常被翻译成「精英领导」,,其实这没把内涵翻译出来,这词的本意是「谁有本事谁厉害」

government or the holding of power by people selected on the basis of their ability

从直觉上来说,能者上有啥问题?在开源软件来说,很多都是项目发起人,或者技术最厉害的人主导一个项目。我觉得这就是很典型的 meritocracy。这篇文章其实点明了几个 meritocracy 的问题:

  1. 一个人的成就或者成功,往往是运气。所谓风口来了,吹起来了一堆猪
  2. 天份,和努力程度,往往是运气选中了那颗喜欢努力的精子,所以由遗传和抚养环境决定。
  3. meritocracy 最终会导致一个人自私,或者说自负。

当然这文章也藏了私货。meritocracy不好?gratitude 才好。要感恩!嗯最后估计说人人都有 sin 了。。。2333。其实 meritocracy 这矛盾在中国哲学看来很容易破解,侠之大者,为国为民。最高的能力,就是帮助他人的能力。







Corporate Memphis:大厂孟菲斯

今天 HN 上有个讨论 tailwind /open-props
的帖子,发现这个20后所谓「woke」 科技公司的美术风格有个名字

Completely off topic, but what is the art style that all woke companies like Google/Facebook etc use called?
Corporate Memphis

翻了下 wikipedia 最早可以追溯到2017年 Facebook 找 Buck Studios 外包设计的一个风格套件 facebook-alegria。孟菲斯名字和风格来自于意大利设计师 Ettore Sottsass 在80年代的设计厂 Memphis Group 。

Corporate memphis 的别称:

  • Alegria style 快乐风 (alegria是西、葡、意语里joy的意思)
  • Globohomo 全球搞基
  • Big Tech art style 大厂风范

国内有对这种风格的报道比如 sina




Taiwan Question

今天看娃的英语资料的时候,发现材料说什么什么 Taiwan question。当时就觉得奇怪,台湾什么时候变成一个题目了?



其中居然有一个 Hoover Institution 也用了这个词汇?好奇点了进去,作者是 Edward N. Luttwak 是个老外,然后第一段:

Dividing the Taiwan question––does or should, and, if so, does America currently possess the wherewithal to help Taiwan successfully repel a Chinese attack

好吧,别人真的是在说 how to help taiwan 这个 question。

还有发现一个问题是,「一个中国原则」在中文的表述是 one-China principle,但是美方的描述是

the United States acknowledges that Chinese on either side of the Taiwan Strait maintain there is but one China and that Taiwan is a part of China

这句话其实玩笑开的很大,美方只是 acknowledge 「知晓」有这回事,但是它并没有说支持或者反对这件事,甚至保留了去挑战甚至推翻这个事的权力。





比如,知乎上有一个问题是“你越来越沉默的原因是什么?” 其下的一位网友Seasee Youl的答案得到了24.8万的赞同,在文章中他写了几个自己的见闻,其一是在某商场的儿童乐园里,一个大爷怒斥年轻服务员,称其卖国,不配做中国人,还要打电话查封乐园,理由是乐园海洋球池的四周贴了英国国旗壁纸(大爷还认错了),答主见周围人在起哄附和,服务员委屈得直哭,就上前劝阻,但同样被训了一顿,说答主也是没有是非观念的人,在战争年代肯定要通敌,事后,答主才从服务员那得知,这大爷本是想让自己的孩子免费玩,被服务员拒绝后还价也没成,才有了之前上纲上线的一幕。
类似的事,我也听身边人说过,小时候我家住大院筒子楼,有两户邻居关系紧张,见面都不说话,我问为啥,楼下大妈就说,很久以前,80年代的时候,两户人家因为楼道里的杂物堆放问题发生口角,吵着吵着就开始上纲上线,其中一位大爷指着对面青年的大腿说:“你看你穿的这个叫什么东西?!牛仔裤是西方资产阶级国家的东西!你就是思想被西方个人主义腐化了才这么自私!” 那青年也不甘示弱,马上回嘴道:“牛仔裤是当年西部淘金工人穿的裤子,是工人阶级的服装!你对工人阶级的服装不满,就是对工人阶级不满!就是对工人阶级领导的国家不满!” 双方就这样越吵越激动,脸红脖子粗地声讨彼此的“罪行”,最后还动起手,被邻居们劝阻后,两户人家再也不相往来,至于问题本身,自然也没解决。

恰好最近看到一个国外的例子 红牛F1 的青训车手 Vips 因为在直播打游戏的时候骂了嘴 N-word ,就被 cancel 了,国内的例子就是 冈本六君子