Sandy Munro 看不懂 美的Midea 的注塑工艺

看了好多 Tesla 的拆车视频,对 Youtube 上这个 Sandy Munro 老爷子还是挺有好感的。查了下

桑迪·蒙罗(Sandy Munro)是一个汽车工程师,专门研究机床和制造,在加拿大安大略省的温莎出生长大,后来加入了Valiant Machine&Tool公司,这个公司主要为通用汽车提供配套,1978年加入福特公司,成为制造工程师,改进了发动机组装方法,1988年在密歇根州开办了自己的咨询公司。


It's not China cheap anymore, that's for sure. And then when it comes to tooling oh my god, they make some plastic injection molded parts that I have no clue how they how they uh how they made them at all, none.
I don't know how they could crank out a mold that that would have that many motions to to make all these things happen, and that's that was my trade. They they basically learned and then eclipsed most of what's going on here in the U.S, yeah so it's a big change, a huge change