Google Spreadsheet API pitfalls

  1. Don't use OAuth 2 for "Google Apps for Business", coz admin may set share option to "limit to xxx domain only", thus your poor nigga API account like "" won't work.

  2. Google Spreadsheets' CSV output format is terrible shit. Never bother touch it. It does not handle line breaks nor escapes like sane people do

  3. XML-like namespace or XLST transformations is ruining JSON. Namespace everywhere, dict-inside-array is the norm which is a huge pain in the ass to parse.

  4. In Spreadsheet API, use /lists/ instead of /cells/

  5. The difference between /basic and /full projections is confusing. You should really use /values for read-only access

  6. Never ever use OAuth2 Web service, it will ask for "whitelist" the callback URLs, if you are dev in intranet like 10.x.x.x and your IP address is DHCP dynamic, you are fucked to re-permit the callback URL.

  7. The list feed contains all rows after the first row up to the first blank row. I mean, srsly WTF?