Tegra 4有个碉堡的东西: 基于i500的SDR





Modems from High End RF chipset vendors are all soft modems. The limitation is the RF Front End. Unfortunately there are no PA's, LNA's, Duplexer, Diplexers, filters that can cover every damn band over there and hence the customization to a particular operator's frequencies. There are some Penta band devices out there that have multiple RF Chains because of the above limitations. Its not the modem that is the restriction. On top of this add the multi technologies with different bandwidths(LTE can go up to 20MHz, WCDMA 5MHz etc.) it is next to impossible to create a phone of today's size with these limitations that can work with every band.

我估计Tegra 4将替代RTL-SDR。成为新一代SDR神器。。。。