HN上看到这篇帖子 What Has Changed,觉得对未来很糟糕的样子。


the consumer web has matured. we are almost 20 years into the consumer web and we have large platforms that are starting to suck up a lot of the oxygen. google, facebook/instagram, amazon, microsoft, apple, twitter, ebay, yahoo, AOL, craigslist, wordpress, linkedin together make up a huge amount of the time spent online, particularly in the english speaking world. there are still occasional new entrants into this list and departures too. tumblr and pinterest have risen a lot in the past couple years while myspace has declined. but consumer behaviors are starting to ossify on the web and it is harder than ever to build a large audience from a standing start.

我觉得有必要限制上边提到的网站的使用时间和频率了。这真的是 suck up oxygen 浪费时间。

另外就是发现了这个 VoiceBunny ,这对国内一帮开podcast的喷子比较有启发吧。我还是比较欣赏这样的媒介形式的。我比较想上下班路上听听神侃。。。

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上一个周末花了 $6 买了个invitation设计,感觉很亏了。国外这种stockphoto, design交易市场真的很发达,国内没有这种 职业服务 交易市场,都还是物品/虚拟物品交易为主。不过 @avc 文章对 @voicebunny 的巨大推广作用也是一个成功营销的典范。值得学习~~

PS: 后续讨论

There are two kinds of apps: entertainment and utility. Retention is not a problem on the latter, almost by definition impossible with the former. How many movies would you watch every day of your life?