RESTful is bad and you should feel bad

From this thread

What's wrong with

  GET     /users/                ----->  `list.users` 
  GET     /users/:id/            ----->  `retrieve.users`
  POST    /users/                ----->  `create.users`
  PUT     /users/:id/password/   ----->  `replace.users`
  PATCH   /users/:id/            ----->  `update.users`
  DELETE  /users/:id/            ----->  `destroy.users`

You will find these URL super ugly and annoying when doing log analysis, you have to monkey craft regexps to truncate the useless :id part from the url so your aggregator would work properly.

I prefer simply use GET for read and POST for writes. Like this

  GET /users/list
  GET /users/retrieve
  POST /users/create
  POST /users/update
  POST /users/destroy

It's clean, it's concise, it works everywhere.

Fuck those obnoxious OPTIONS and PATCH.

BTW who the fuck invents a users.replaec() functions?