MySQL on duplicate key in SQLAlchemy

A simple function to upsert something atomically into MySQL

  def upsert(val1, val2, **kwargs):
      """upsert val1-val2 pair into mysql and return the pk"""
      from sqlalchemy.dialects.mysql import insert
      from sqlalchemy.sql.expression import func

      # this val1-val2 pair should have UNIQUE KEY constraint in MySQL table.
      stmt = insert(MyModel.__table__).values(col1=val1, col2=val2)
      if kwargs:
          stmt = stmt.on_duplicate_key_update(kwargs)
          # get lastrowid
          stmt = stmt.on_duplicate_key_update(id=func.LAST_INSERT_ID(
      # inserted_primary_key (dbapi, return 0 when only insert) or lastrowid (mysql)
      pk = db.session().execute(stmt).lastrowid
      if not pk:
          pk = MyModel.query.options(load_only('id')).filter_by(
              col1=val1, col2=val2
      return pk

Writing complex SQL is hard, sqlalchemy makes it harder. Prefer other ORMs in Python.

I really hate fighting the infamous sqlalchemy API. Everything wrong about it can be shown in this one-liner:

  from sqlalchemy.orm import Load, load_only, joinedload

You have the three styles of CamelCase, under_score, and concatfunctionnames fucked up together. Bad and leaky abstraction.