Re-index page on Google Search Console

Request indexing webpage with Google used to be fun and simple, now it's a tedious task especially when you have tons of old pages ready to be crawled yet Google is reluctant to move.

Here is a simple script to speed up the stacks of page you have click in order to submit multiple missing pages to Google.

Open your Google Search Console, click Coverage then open Discovered – currently not indexed

Now open your browser devtool, paste these into javascript console, hit them one by one.

  document.querySelector('div[data-disabled] table td span[title] span[title="Inspect URL"]').click()

  document.querySelector('span[data-event-action=request-indexing] span[jsslot] div span span').click()

  document.querySelector('span[data-event-action=pivot-to-report-main-view-indexing-section] a').click()

Until you met with the daily quota. Rinse and try this shit everyday.

Fuck Google.