Open Source projects Chinese companies and individuals contributed to

Chinese companies have very little presence online and many people may believe that Chinese are reluctant to engage in open source projects.

Last year, @filmaj used the GitHub REST API to pull public profile information from all 2,060,011 GitHub users who were active in 2017 (10+ commits to public projects) yields this ranking of the top-30 corporate open source contributors, the result is like

So Alibaba ranked at #9 and Tencent ranked at #12. Not bad.

I also did some research, Reposted from my comment on Hacker News, the following is the list of open source projects which has Chinese companies as active supportors.

Notable Open Source projects started by Chinese:

This list is incomplete, I hope one day there will be a Chinese company out reach even more open source communities like Redhat. If I have some projects missing please leave a comment!